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NCA Summer Internship

June 9th - August 24th

Unpaid internship

Age requirement - 17 or older

The mission of Northville Christian is to “BE” the church. Bringing people to Jesus and Equipping them to be like Him.


We are excited to continue our Internship program again this summer. We are looking for young adults who are exploring the call of God on their life. If you're curious about it, fill out this quick questionnaire to find out more.

What you'll Learn

  • Practical skills

  • Propresenter

  • How to run sound board

  • Working in Group Projects

  • How to set up a daily schedule (time-management)

  • How to look at/do a budget

  • Leadership skills    

  • Specific Ministry Tracks

    • Kids

    • Youth

    • Media

    • Music

What's expected of you

You must be able to participate weekly for:

  • Sunday Services

  • Wednesdays - 9am-4pm

  • Selected day(s) w/ Mentor

  • Family Camp 

  • Summer VBS Program

  • Team player- group projects


  • Teachable and flexible

  • Integrity and humility

What to expect from us

  • Leadership Training

  • Individual and Group Mentoring

  • Midpoint and Endpoint Evaluations

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